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Scaia | Classic

The area of Scaia wines is located northeast of Verona, near the historic growing areas of two famous Veronese wines: Valpolicella and Soave. The vineyards are located on the crest of the hills near the Alps. Scaia is not just a wine line, but a new way of thinking about wine, in a land where tradition is highly valued. From the classicism of historic wines like Soave and Valpolicella came the need to create something innovative, closer to the creative needs of young winemakers and consumers. Tenuta Sant Antonio started with three young SCAIA wines aged only in steel barrels, in a constant search for freshness, drinkability and aromatic complexity. Then two more complex wines were added, which have not lost these qualities, although they were made from slightly dried parts of the grapes. - Gerardo [TS12/22]

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