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The Vallone sisters' winery owns a total of 662 hectares of land, 136 of which are planted with vines. In total it is divided into three large units: Castelserranova in Carovigno and Brindisi, Tenuta Flaminio in the Tuturano district of Brindisi and finally Iore in San Pancrazio, with the vineyards distributed among the latter two estates. In 1979, the current buildings of Tenuta Flaminio were built, clearly giving priority to the production of quality wines in bottles over the production of wines in barrels. The decision came at the right time, as evidenced by the results achieved since then, thanks mainly to the farm's director, Donato Lazzari, and oenologists Graziana Grassini and Severino Garofano. Apart from the years of great drought, the winery currently bottles about 500,000 bottles, most of which are red wines from the Brindisi and Salice Salentino areas. The range also includes rosés from the same areas and interesting whites made from Chardonnay and Verdeca grapes: the fresh Versante Bianco and the Flaminio Verdeca Bianco, and the Passo de Le Viscarde, made from Sauvignon and Malvasia late harvest grapes. There are also a few thousand bottles of Malvasia and Graticciaia, the house's main wine: a great barrel-aged red made from Negroamaro, for which the grapes are dried on wooden racks before being pressed. - Gerardo

"This historic Salento winery, with its headquarters in the picturesque castle of Serranova, now belongs to the sisters Vittoria and Maria Teresa Vallone. For almost half a century resided here Donato Lazzari, who made the winery and its wines widely known. For years, the responsibility for the cellar activities has been in the proven hands of Graziana Grassini, with whom the entire range has achieved consistency in style and quality." - Slow Wine

"Founded in 1934, the winery is now run by sisters Vittoria and Maria Teresa Vallone. In doing so, the two have to keep track of three different properties: Flaminio extends in the municipality of Brindisi and entirely within the boundaries of the DOC of the same name; Iore is located in the municipality of San Pancrazio Salentino and is assigned to the DOC Salice Salentino; Castelserranova is located directly on the Adriatic Sea in the municipality of Carovigno and is used to obtain the rosé grapes for Passito Passo de le Viscarde as well as for Graticciaia'. - Gambero Rosso

Agricole Vallone

NameAgricole Vallone
Founding Year1934
OwnerVittoria, Maria Teresa & Francesco Vallone
OenologistGraziana Grassini
Annual Production (Btls)550.000
Vineyard Area (Hectare)170
Additional Purchaseno

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´Passo del le Viscarde´ IGT 2006, Agricole Vallone, Apulien

Passo del le Viscarde IGT 2006, Agricole Vallone

Agricole Vallone, Puglia
€ 19,95 jetzt € 14,99
29,98 €/L
´Graticciaia´ · Salento Rosso IGT 2015 MAGNUM (Original Holzkiste), Agricole Vallone, Apulien

Graticciaia · Salento Rosso IGT 2015 MAGNUM (Original Holzkiste), Agricole Vallone

Agricole Vallone, Puglia
€ 120,00
80,00 €/L
´Graticciaia´ · Salento Rosso IGT 2016, Agricole Vallone, Apulien

Graticciaia · Salento Rosso IGT 2016, Agricole Vallone

Agricole Vallone, Puglia
€ 49,95
66,60 €/L