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Cantrina - this is the name of a rural village in the middle of the rolling hills of the lower Garda area. There touched by the banks of the Chiese river are all kinds of old country houses with large courtyards, fountains, arcades and gardens. Particularly noteworthy is a small church on the main street of Cantrina, where there is an interesting painting: It shows Eurosia, St. Nepomuk and St. Giovanni - the patron saints of vintages and storms.

There, where the cultivation of Groppello, Merlot and more recently Riesling has a tradition, Dario Dattoli built the Cantrina estate towards the end of the eighties. With his long experience in German and French wines, he decided from the beginning to grow Pinot Nero, Sauvignon and Semillon in addition to the traditional grapes. The main focus was to crystallize what different variations the terroir of the area is capable of creating - as well as to prove that non-native varieties can also be cultivated and thrive here.

After the tragic, untimely death of Dario Dattoli in 1998, his wife Cristina Inganni together with Diego Lavo - encouraged by Dattoli's project continues his work. The team, with the pen name 'Zyme', has at its disposal an area of 5.8 hectares with a plantation of 33,000 vines. Cantrina, as a sign of the possible superior qualities of the wines of this area - produces only strictly limited editions. - Gerardo [TS12/22]

"Cantrina is a small winery with not even six hectares of vineyards in Bedizzole, in the Lombard hinterland of Lake Garda, more precisely in the Valtènesi. At work here with all their passion and creativity are Cristina Inganni and Diego Lavo, well advised by Enologist Celestino Gaspari. Cantrina - the name, by the way, was taken from the tiny suburb to which the winery belongs - initially planted mainly international crops, but now local vines are already pushing their way to the fore." - Gambero Rosso

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Founding Year1990
OwnerCristina Inganni
OenologistCristina Inganni & Diego Lavo
Annual Production (Btls)15.000
Vineyard Area (Hectare)6
Additional PurchaseNo
Family-run / Small WineryYes

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´Riné´ · Benaco Bresciano Bianco IGT 2020, Cantrina, Lombardei

Riné · Benaco Bresciano Bianco IGT 2020 (Bio), Cantrina

Cantrina, Lombardy
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