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Blog: Chardonnay

Grape variety

The international success grape variety Chardonnay enjoys great popularity also in Italy and gains more and more ground there. The noble grape Chardonnay originates from Burgundy and is one of the most successful white wine varieties worldwide. The golden yellow Chardonnay, with its broad, pleasing style has thus become a brand name itself and is suitable for many drinking occasions.

Like many of the well-known grape varieties - which today enjoy worldwide distribution - Chardonnay also originated in the Near East. Through the global spread of wine culture, this variety first came to France and found a new home there - especially in Burgundy. But also in Italy Chardonnay is at home and makes there similarly high demands on the location as Pinot Blanc or Riesling.

Compared to many other grape varieties Chardonnay is not particularly susceptible to diseases and accordingly easy to care for. In addition, the grape variety is well suited for aging in wooden barrels - preferably in barrique barrels. The high flexibility - in connection with the mild and pleasant taste - is anyway one of the main strengths of Chardonnay. From the fresh quality wine to the bulky barrique version, the grape can be used for a wide variety of occasions. The lighter Chardonnay varieties go well with fish and seafood, while strong or woody wines are better paired with fried foods or hearty cheeses. - Gerardo

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