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Lagrein is clearly under the star of the recently rediscovered South Tyrolean grape varieties: the wine from South Tyrol, vinified as a classic red wine (Dunkel) or also as Rosato ( Kretzer), is enjoying increasing popularity. Characteristic of the strong red wine from the area around Bolzano is its tasty spiciness as well as the rustic elegance. The dry rose, also known as Kretzer - is considered a rose wine with bite and is extremely popular. Previously often used as a blended wine, the grape variety is now largely vinified as a single varietal.

The fragrant, full-bodied grape variety is one of the few autochthonous growths in South Tyrol. The origin of this robust red wine grape variety - which is valued for its tannin and color power - has not been fully clarified to date. According to Burton Anderson, the grape variety, whose name indicates origins in the Lagarina Valley in Trentino, was mentioned as early as the 17th century in documents of the Benedictine monastery of Muri near Bolzano in South Tyrol. - Gerardo

"The second autochthonous variety of South Tyrol is Lagrein. It is probably much older than the Vernatsch. For a long time this grape variety led a shadowy existence, because he was hardly in demand during the time of light wine consumption. The largest part of the grapes was marketed until well into the 80-ies as Kretzer, as the South Tyroleans call their Roséwines.

The small part, which was fermented quite normally on the mash, served mainly as blend wine for the Vernatsch or for other light-colored wines. If a winery dared to put such a wine on the bottle, it wrote - as a warning - 'Dark' on it. This custom has survived until today. The 'Bauernkretzer', which is drawn off the mash after three days, practically no longer exists today.

The main growing area is in Gries, a former climatic health resort for lung patients that was incorporated into Bolzano in 1925. On sandy, heavily gravelly, well-drained and at the same time very warm soils, the variety finds excellent growing conditions. Grieser is considered the softest of all wines. But it would be a mistake to believe that only in Gries the variety yields top quality. The wine from Maretsch, which belongs to Bolzano village, is at least as good. And the first vintages from the new vineyards in the neighboring communities of Moritzing, Talfertal and Rentsch prove that the wine there has a similar depth and complexity as in Gries. Larger vineyards can still be found at Auer, Neumarkt and Kurtatsch. But they do not reach the softness and ripeness of the wines from Gries." - Dr. Jens Priewe

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´Sigis Mundus´ · Lagrein Riserva DOC 2017, Schreckbichl, Südtirol

Sigis Mundus · Lagrein Riserva DOC 2017, Schreckbichl

Schreckbichl, South Tyrol
€ 29,95
39,93 €/L
´Sigis Mundus´ · Lagrein Riserva DOPPELMAGNUM DOC 2007 (1er Geschenkbox), Schreckbichl, Südtirol

Sigis Mundus · Lagrein Riserva DOPPELMAGNUM DOC 2007 (1er Geschenkbox), Schreckbichl

Schreckbichl, South Tyrol
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´Abtei´ · Lagrein Riserva MAGNUM DOC 2018 (1er Geschenkbox), Muri Gries, Südtirol

Abtei · Lagrein Riserva MAGNUM DOC 2018 (1er Geschenkbox), Muri Gries

Muri Gries, South Tyrol
€ 69,95
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´Gries´ · Lagrein Riserva DOC 2020, Nals-Margreid, Südtirol

Gries · Lagrein Riserva DOC 2020, Nals-Margreid

Nals-Margreid, South Tyrol
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38,60 €/L
´Perl´ · Lagrein DOC 2021, Kellerei Bozen, Südtirol

Perl · Lagrein DOC 2021, Kellerei Bozen

Kellerei Bozen, South Tyrol
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´Porphyr´ · Lagrein Riserva DOC 2020, Kellerei Terlan, Südtirol

Porphyr · Lagrein Riserva DOC 2020, Kellerei Terlan

Kellerei Terlan, South Tyrol
€ 54,95
73,27 €/L