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Riesling: The elegant grape variety with worldwide success
Riesling is one of the most famous and appreciated white wine varieties in the world. It is considered one of the oldest noble grape varieties and enjoys great popularity due to its unique characteristics. Originally, this grape variety comes from Germany, more precisely from the Rheingau region. However, today it is grown in many wine regions of the world. Riesling wines are characterized by their versatility, their characteristic aromas and their ability to age.

Riesling International
Riesling is grown all over the world and has established itself as one of the most important grape varieties. The areas of cultivation are diverse and extend over various countries and continents. Riesling reaches its highest quality in Germany, particularly in the Rheingau, Mosel and Palatinate regions. Here it thrives on the steep, slate-covered vineyards, and develops its typical taste of peach, apple and citrus.

But Riesling is also widely grown in other European countries such as France, Austria and Luxembourg. In Alsace in France, for example, they produce fine mineral Rieslings with a harmonious acid structure. In Austria, Riesling is found primarily in the Wachau region and in Styria, where it produces complex and elegant wines.

Outside Europe, Riesling has also successfully established itself in New Zealand, Australia, the USA, Canada and South Africa. In Australia, especially in the Clare Valley region, they produce Rieslings of high quality, characterized by fruity aromas and crisp acidity. In New Zealand, the Marlborough and Central Otago growing regions are known for their fresh, fruit-driven Rieslings.

Riesling Growing region Italy
Riesling has also found its place in Italy and is grown primarily in the province of South Tyrol. South Tyrol, located in the northern part of the country, offers ideal conditions for growing Riesling. The alpine climate, steep vineyards and cool nights ensure slow ripening of the grapes and thus wines with a pronounced freshness and elegance.

Rieslings from South Tyrol are known for their crisp acidity, mineral notes and diverse aromas. Flavors of citrus fruits, green apples and peaches are often found in these wines. The cool elevations and poor soils give the wines a distinctive structure and depth.

The area under Riesling cultivation in South Tyrol extends primarily along the Eisack Valley and the Unterland region. A number of renowned wineries have established themselves here, producing Riesling of outstanding quality. The wines from South Tyrol can be enjoyed as fresh, fruity wines as well as convince with their high storability.

In summary, Riesling is a fascinating grape variety that is appreciated by wine connoisseurs worldwide for its diverse aromas, elegance and ability to age. Whether in Germany, France, New Zealand or Italy, Riesling has established itself as an outstanding grape variety in a wide variety of growing regions and enjoys great popularity among wine lovers all over the world. - Gerardo [TS06/23]

Type/PageGrape variety
SynonymsBiela Disuca Grasiva, Biela Grasevina, Beregi Riesling, Bukettriesling, Beyaz Riesling, German Riesling, Gentile Aromatique Petracine, Gewuerzriesling, Gewuerztraube, Edelriesling, Dinca Grasiva Biela, Feher Rajnai, Johannisberg, Johanisberger, Johannisberg Riesling, Johannisberger Weisser, Johannisberger White, Karbacher Riesling, Karbacher, Graefenberger, Kleinriesling, Klingelberger, Gentile Aromatique, Johannisberger Gontil Aromatique, Jonanisberger Riesling, Gentil Aromatique, Kastellberger, Graschevina, Grasevina Rajnska, Grasevina diseca, Kis Rizling, Edle Gewuerztraube, Lipka, Klingenberger, Klingerberger, Nieberlander, Niederlaender, Krauses, Krausses Roessling, Hochheimer, Moselriesling, Kleigelberger, Kleiner Riesling, Kleinriesler, Oberkircher, Oberlaender, Rizling Linner, Rizling Rajinski, Rizling Rajnai, Rano, Pfaelzer, Pfefferl, Rhine Riesling, Rislinok, Rislinq, Rheingauer, Russel, Rajinski Rizling, Rajnai Rizlin, Rajnai Rizling Gm 239-20, Rajnai Rizling, Rajnski Rizling, Rajnski Ruzling, Rossling, Riesling Echter Weisser, Riesling Edler, Riesling Gelb Mosel E 43, Riesling Giallo, Riesling Gruener Mosel, Riesling Grosso, Riesling italico, Riesling Mosel, Petit Rhin, Raisin Du Rhin, Riesler,Riesling Bianco, Pussilla, Ryzlink Rynsky, Rheingauer Rieling, Riesling Blanc, Rheinriesling, Riesling De Rhin, Rheinriesling GM 239-20, Riesling Reinskii, Riesling Renano, Riesling Rhenan, Rislinenok, Riesling Rhenano Bianco, Riesling Rhine, Riesling Rothstieliger, Rheinrisling, Risling, Riesling Weisser, Riesling White, Rhiesling, Reissler, Rizling Rajnski, Rizling Rajnski Bijeli, Risling Reinskii, Rizling Rejnskij, Remo, Risling Rejnski, Rislinock, Rieslinger, Rieslingtraube, Reno, Rendu, Renski Rizling, Rizling Rynsky, Uva Pussila, Ryn Riesling, Ryn-Riesling, Rosslinger, Piros Rajnai Rizling, Reichsriesling, Ruessel, Rynsky Ryzlink, Rhein Riesling, Ruessiling, Ruessling, Weiser Riesler, Weisser Kleiner Riesling, Starosvetske, Roesling, Roessiling, Roessling, Rey Rislinqi, Reyn Rislinqi, Reyn’s Risling, Reynai, Rohac, Rezlik, Rezlin, Rezling, Rezlink, Starovetski, Szuerke Rizling, Weisser Riesling, White Riesling

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