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Blog: Schiava Alto Adige (Alle) | Grape variety

The South Tyrolean Edelvernatsch is one of the most famous red wines, along with the Großvernatsch and the Grauvernatsch. For a long time, this light and fruity red wine was only drunk locally with the Brettljause. The many tourists also brought the desire for this wine home with them. Today it is more popular than ever as an uncomplicated drinking wine. Edelvernatsch is always fruit-driven, has little acidity and very mild tannins. Try the wine in summer also well chilled, their guests will be delighted.

The Vernatsch grape is known in Germany under the name Trollinger and occupies a large part of the cultivated area of South Tyrol. Also known as Schiava, the spa grape produces light and uncomplicated red wines. The fruity wines from the many Vernatsch varieties are drunk primarily in the domestic market, but high-quality Schiava wines also enjoy particular popularity abroad. Understandable, because what goes better with South Tyrolean bacon and other mountain delicacies? Bright ruby red shimmers in the glass with impressions of berry fruits and almonds in the bouquet. In the drink of juicy fruit and soft tannins, even chilled a fun guarantee! - Gerardo [TS11/23]

"The trend is back towards lighter wines, trinky wines that can be enjoyed as a matter of course to give pleasure every day without philosophizing big time." - Helmuth Köcher, President of the Merano Wine Festival.

Südtiroler Vernatsch (Alle) Rebsorte

NameSchiava Alto Adige (Alle)
CategoryGrape Variety

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´Sonntaler´ · Vernatsch alte Reben DOC 2021, Kellerei Kurtatsch, Südtirol

Sonntaler · Vernatsch alte Reben DOC 2021, Kellerei Kurtatsch

Kellerei Kurtatsch, South Tyrol
€ 13,95
18,60 €/L
´Moar´ · St. Magdalener Classico DOC 2022, Kellerei Bozen, Südtirol

Moar · St. Magdalener Classico DOC 2022, Kellerei Bozen

Kellerei Bozen, South Tyrol
€ 15,95
21,27 €/L
St. Magdalener Classico DOC 2022, Pfannenstielhof, Südtirol

St. Magdalener Classico DOC 2022, Pfannenstielhof

Pfannenstielhof, South Tyrol
€ 18,95
25,27 €/L