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The Lageder family has been active in the South Tyrolean wine industry for over 150 years. Already the great-grandfather of today's company owner Alois Lageder, who was a coach and wheel maker by trade, transported wines on the side for his customers from the nearby mountain valleys as well as from the surrounding foreign countries. This trade flourished so much that his son was able to set up his own business as a wine merchant: in 1823 he founded the Alois Lageder winery in the old town of Bolzano. The great demand for his wines and the constantly growing business of the winery then made a large new building necessary in the 1950s, which was erected in the southern suburbs of Bolzano. Whereas in the past the Lageder house had almost exclusively purchased and vinified grapes, the philosophy has changed fundamentally under the current owner.

Alois Lageder, who is considered one of the most successful protagonists of Italian viticulture ever, has put all his energy into buying and developing vineyards in recent years. With the Römigberg on Lake Kaltern and the Löwengang and Hirschprunn estates in Margreid, he now owns 46 hectares of the best sites in South Tyrol. The fact that his own vineyards account for only a fraction of the total grapes processed does not detract from the quality of his work. For Alois Lageder, who is a vehement advocate of the maxim that great wines are created in the vineyard and not in the cellar, ensures both in his own vineyards and with his grape-supplying contract vintners that the vineyards are managed according to the most modern and above all natural principles. It goes without saying that Lageder has carried out and continues to carry out extensive experiments, especially in its own vineyards. - Gerardo [TS02/23]

Alois Lageder
NameAlois Lageder
Founding Year1823
OwnerAlois Lageder Family
OenologistJo Pfisterer, Paola Tenaglia
Annual Production1.500.000
Vineyard Area (Hectare)55
Additional Purchaseyes

Shop: Alois Lageder
´Conus´ · Lagrein Mitterberg IGT 2019, Alois Lageder, Südtirol

Conus · Lagrein Mitterberg IGT 2019 (Bio), Alois Lageder

Alois Lageder, South Tyrol
€ 20,95
27,93 €/L
´Löwengang´ · Chardonnay DOC 2020, Alois Lageder, Südtirol

Löwengang · Chardonnay DOC 2020 (Bio), Alois Lageder

Alois Lageder, South Tyrol
€ 69,95
93,27 €/L
Chardonnay DOC 2022, Alois Lageder, Südtirol

Chardonnay DOC 2022, Alois Lageder

Alois Lageder, South Tyrol
€ 13,95
18,60 €/L
Pinot-Grigio DOC 2022, Alois Lageder, Südtirol

Pinot-Grigio DOC 2022, Alois Lageder

Alois Lageder, South Tyrol
€ 13,95
18,60 €/L
Sauvignon DOC 2022, Alois Lageder, Südtirol

Sauvignon DOC 2022, Alois Lageder

Alois Lageder, South Tyrol
€ 14,95
19,93 €/L