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Pfefferer | Classic

Pfefferer | Classic

It is one of the historic wines of the Schreckbichl Winery, has a success story behind it that is unparalleled and is probably the best-known South Tyrolean white wine in Russia today: Pfefferer. How this wine came into being and what its secret of success is, you can find out here.

At the time, Franz Sinn and Luis Raifer recall, they never expected this wine to be so successful. Sinn was cellar master and Raifer chairman and managing director of the Schreckbichl winery. The impetus for the wine came in 1978 from Karl Nicolussi-Leck, then a member of the winery's supervisory board. Nicolussi-Leck had old vines of the Pfefferer grape in his vineyards not far from the winery and asked the winery if it would not be possible to create a wine of his own from these grapes. No sooner said than done: In 1979, the first bottles with the name 'Pfefferer' were put on the market, at that time still in small bottling.

So the wine was named after the Pfefferer grape, a special variety of muscatel. The Muscat grape - Moscato in Italian - is considered one of the oldest grape varieties and has the most so-called clones, i.e. descendants of a grape variety. Where the name 'Pfefferer' comes from is not known. In the South Tyrolean vernacular, the grape has always been called so. Probably because of the spicy aroma, reminiscent of pepper. In historical viticulture books one can find some references to the importance of this grape variety. In the 'Handbuch des Weinbaues und der Kellerwirtschaft' (Babo and Mach) of 1893, for example, it says: 'Much better than the yellow Muskateller [...] behaves the Italian Muskateller, also white-yellow Muskateller, and in the Bolzano area called Pfeffertraube'. In the book 'Der Weinbau und die Weine Deutschtirols' of 1894, the pepper grape is listed as one of the 'old native white grape varieties with the greatest importance'. - Gerardo

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