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Pfefferer | Classic Pfefferer | Classic

Pfefferer | Classic

The Pfefferer is one of the historic wines of the Schreckbichl Winery, has a success story behind it that is unparalleled and is probably the best-known South Tyrolean white wine in Russia today: Pfefferer. How this wine came into being and what its secret of success is, you can find out here.

At the time, Franz Sinn and Luis Raifer recall, they never expected this wine to be so successful. Sinn was cellar master and Raifer chairman and managing director of the Schreckbichl winery. The impetus for the wine came in 1978 from Karl Nicolussi-Leck, then a member of the winery's supervisory board. Nicolussi-Leck had old vines of the Pfefferer grape in his vineyards not far from the winery and asked the winery if it would not be possible to create a wine of his own from these grapes. No sooner said than done: In 1979, the first bottles with the name 'Pfefferer' were put on the market, at that time still in small bottling.

So the wine was named after the Pfefferer grape, a special variety of muscatel. The Muscat grape - Moscato in Italian - is considered one of the oldest grape varieties and has the most so-called clones, i.e. descendants of a grape variety. Where the name 'Pfefferer' comes from is not known. In the South Tyrolean vernacular, the grape has always been called so. Probably because of the spicy aroma, reminiscent of pepper. In historical viticulture books one can find some references to the importance of this grape variety. In the 'Handbuch des Weinbaues und der Kellerwirtschaft' (Babo and Mach) of 1893, for example, it says: 'Much better than the yellow Muskateller [...] behaves the Italian Muskateller, also white-yellow Muskateller, and in the Bolzano area called Pfeffertraube'. In the book 'Der Weinbau und die Weine Deutschtirols' of 1894, the pepper grape is listed as one of the 'old native white grape varieties with the greatest importance'. - Gerardo [TS06/22]

´Omnes Dies´ · Cuvée Weiß DOC 2022, Kloster Neustift, Südtirol

Omnes Dies · Cuvée Weiß DOC 2022

Kloster Neustift, South Tyrol

Wonderfully light and delicately fruity summer wine, characterized by the typical aroma of yellow muscatel. In the fragrance of peach, citrus and a little nutmeg. Juicy and refreshing on the palate. Omnes Dies is not entirely dissimilar to the well-known Pfefferer. - Gerardo [TS07/23]

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´Pfefferer SUN´ · Cuvée Weiß IGT 2022, Schreckbichl, Südtirol

Pfefferer SUN · Cuvée Weiß IGT 2022

Schreckbichl, South Tyrol

The new Pfefferer SUN is a youthful, fresh white wine cuvée which comes along with a lot of lightness and joie de vivre. This fresh white wine is made from Chardonnay, Pinot Blanc and Sauvignon and inspires with pleasant aromatics and freshness. Fruity and floral aromas together with the stimulating acidity provide fresh and light drinking pleasure. - Gerardo [TS06/23]

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´Pfefferer´ · Goldmuskateller IGT 2023, Schreckbichl, Südtirol

Pfefferer · Goldmuskateller IGT 2023

Schreckbichl, South Tyrol

The Pfefferer grape is considered one of the oldest grape varieties ever, it is in fact a variation of the Goldmuskateller grape. In South Tyrol and Trentino we find a particularly interesting species, the Pfefferer grape. It is relatively long and partially double-shouldered; the color of the berries is yellow when fully ripe. The bouquet of the grape is spicy, very aromatic, both characteristics that can be found in the wine. This wine surprises wine lovers with its elegant, tangy, youthful nature, as well as its distinct character. - Gerardo [TS06/24]

"Floral and nutmeg citrus apple scent with light herbaceous vegetal notes. Clear, straightforward, fine spicy fruit in the mouth, delicately juicy, fine acidity, floral aromas and nutmeg on the palate, some minerality, quite good finish." - wein-plus.eu

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´Pfefferer Pink´ · Rosato IGT 2023, Schreckbichl, Südtirol
Pfefferer Pink · Rosato IGT 2023

Schreckbichl, South Tyrol

The new Pfefferer Pink is a fresh Rosato which comes in a delicate candy pink and with an appealing, aromatic fragrance. Aromas of red berries such as strawberry and delicate peach and spicy notes followed by a stimulating acidity are typical of this palate-pleasing wine. - Gerardo [TS06/24]

"Harmonious aroma of red apples, raspberry and cassis, also pink grapefruit; nice sweet-acid play, good drinking flow, pleasant length." - Weinwirtschaft

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But what makes the Pfefferer so unique? 'Pfefferer captivates with its fresh and fruity character,' explains Martin Lemayr, cellar master at the Schreckbichl winery. 'It has a pleasant acidity, a fine muscat aroma and is racy and peppery at the same time, which the classic muscat grape lacks. It's not too overbearing, but it's still a character wine.' Pfefferer also has a low alcohol content, which appeals to many. Today, Pfefferer is a popular aperitif wine, but also goes well with fish dishes. 'If you look at the sales figures, Pfefferer is now one of our best-known wines,' Alex Ferrigato, sales manager at Schreckbichl Winery, proudly reports. 'It has developed into a strong brand in its own right over the past 20 years.' Some producers have also tried to copy it, but have failed.

'Customers drink a Pfefferer and usually don't know that it's a varietal Goldmuskateller,' explains Ferrigato, adding: 'They drink a lifestyle wine and love the high drinking pleasure.' The sales figures speak for themselves: the wine is clearly in first place among all Schreckbichl wines. It is interesting, however, where the Pfefferer is consumed everywhere. 'In first place among Pfefferer consumers is Russia, interestingly enough,' Alex Ferrigato reports. 'A large proportion of Pfefferer bottles are now drunk in Moscow, St. Petersburg and the like. But that's not all: Pfefferer is also toasted at an altitude of 8,000 meters, as it has been offered in the business class of Russia's largest airline, Aeroflot, for more than three years. 'I dare say that our Pfefferer is now the best-known South Tyrolean white wine in the whole of Russia,' says Ferrigato. In second place among Pfefferer consumers are lovers of Italian wines. 'That's not surprising,' Ferrigato explains, adding, 'Italians love aromatic white wines and they love their 'aperitivi': Pfefferer does both." - Gerardo [TS06/22]