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Blog: Fasoli Gino | Veneto

The history of this unique family winery with vineyards between Verona and Soave began as early as 1925, when grandfather Amadio started cultivating the vineyards located in the Illasi Valley. To this day the winery is family owned and managed by his grandsons Amadio and Natalino, who have also been able to build on the experience of their father Gino and uncle Gigi. Since the 1980s, natural viticulture has entered the family vineyards, for the brothers also a responsibility towards their unique homeland. The assortment includes the classics of the Veronese area and ranges from DOCG and DOC wines to some IGT wines, as they like to experiment with different grape variety compositions. One preference in winemaking is shared by all Fasoli offspring: to make wines rich in substance from dried grapes, which is not limited to well-known varieties such as Amarone della Valpolicella.

The brothers Amadio and Natalino Fasoli are among the Amarone gurus among winemakers in Veneto. Using the 'appassimento' process - drying grapes before pressing - they produce wines that are both true to the terroir and close to nature, and of outstanding quality. The high standard of quality has made the Fasoli brothers famous far beyond the borders of Italy, their wines are recognized worldwide and yet their taste is anything but international. Every single Fasoli product is unique and locally tailored - this difference is intentional: without a recognizable profile, a product nowadays has no chance of economic survival, not even - or even less so - on the international market. - Gerardo [TS05/23]

"Red and white is the range of the Fasoli brothers. No wonder: Their vineyards are divided between the DOCs Soave and Valpolicella. At the same time, however, Amadio and Natalino also have IGT wines on offer - proof of their love of experimentation. While their respect for nature was reflected in the conversion to natural viticulture, their preference for substantial growths is expressed in the use of dried grapes even for conventional table wines." - Gambero Rosso

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NameFasoli Gino
Founding Year1925
OwnerNatalino & Amadio Fasoli
OenologistAlberto Manini
Annual Production (Btls)500.000
Vineyard Area (Hectare)24
Additional Purchase15%

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´Sande´ · Pinot-Nero IGT 2013, Fasoli Gino, Venetien

Sande · Pinot-Nero IGT 2013, Fasoli Gino

Fasoli Gino, Veneto
€ 69,95
93,27 €/L
´Valpo´ · Valpolicella Superiore Ripasso DOC 2014, Fasoli Gino, Venetien

Valpo · Valpolicella Superiore Ripasso DOC 2014 (Bio), Fasoli Gino

Fasoli Gino, Veneto
€ 29,95
39,93 €/L
´Alteo´ · Amarone della Valpolicella DOCG 2015, Fasoli Gino, Venetien

Alteo · Amarone della Valpolicella DOCG 2015 (Bio), Fasoli Gino

Fasoli Gino, Veneto
€ 74,50
99,33 €/L
´Igino´ · Cabernet-Sauvignon IGT 2017, Fasoli Gino, Venetien

Igino · Cabernet-Sauvignon IGT 2017 (Bio), Fasoli Gino

Fasoli Gino, Veneto
€ 49,95
66,60 €/L
´Calle´ · Merlot IGT 2017, Fasoli Gino, Venetien

Calle · Merlot IGT 2017 (Bio), Fasoli Gino

Fasoli Gino, Veneto
€ 41,95
55,93 €/L
´Orgno´ · Merlot IGT 2016, Fasoli Gino, Venetien

Orgno · Merlot IGT 2016 (Bio), Fasoli Gino

Fasoli Gino, Veneto
€ 64,95
86,60 €/L