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The Fontodi winery, idyllically situated in Panzano in the heart of the Chianti Classico region, can look back on a history rich in tradition. Vines were already growing here in Roman times and there is clear evidence that wine was already being grown on the estate called Via in the 16th century. The current owners, the Manetti family, also have a long family history in the Chianti region, albeit not in the field of viticulture. For around 300 years, they specialized in the production of terracotta, until they acquired the Fontodi estate in 1968 and turned their attention to wine production.

The impressive 70-hectare winery is managed by Giovanni Manetti, assisted by his cousin Marco. Giovanni Manetti first came into contact with the company in 1979 and shortly afterwards hired the renowned oenologist Franco Bernabei to jointly optimize various vinification processes. An important milestone was the construction of a state-of-the-art wine cellar, which was completed in 1998. Here, the wines are fermented in temperature-controlled stainless steel tanks to ensure more precise extraction. Once vinification is complete, the wines are transferred by gravity, rather than pumping, to the brand new barrel cellar, where they are aged in French oak barrels. The Premier Cuvées remain in new oak barrels, while the other wines mature in older barrels. Unroasted oak barrels are preferred to give the wine additional freshness.

With all its vineyards stretching across the Conca d'Oro valley - meaning 'golden cap" - Fontodi is one of the most respected producers in Chianti Classico. Organic viticulture and biodynamic winemaking go hand in hand with the production of exquisite fruit to create a portfolio of stylish artisan wines. Characterized by tradition and a distinct typicity, the Manettis know how to make wines of strong character, mainly from Sangiovese grapes. These wines should not be missing from any Italian wine lover's collection!

The range includes a first-class Chianti Classico with a maximum ageing period of one year, a Riserva, which is considered one of the first Sangiovese-Cabernet blends thanks to the perfect collaboration between Giovanni and Franco, as well as a super Tuscan called Flaccianello della Pieve, which is made exclusively from Sangiovese and is highly acclaimed by Robert Parker. Other important wines are the Pinot Nero, which dates back to Giovanni's training period when he was inspired by Bourgogne, and the Syrah, which was planted as a youthful experiment. These two are bottled under the name 'Via'. In short, a range of wines that will not disappoint any lover of Italy! - Gerardo [TS12/23]

"The Manetti family, which has run the Fontodi winery since 1968, is a true champion of sangiovese. What has been quietly evolving at this 200-acre estate nestled in the “golden basin” known as Conca d’Ora, south of Panzano in Chianti Classico, is its progressive pursuit to seek the sangiovese grape’s fullest expression.

Starting from its 2012 vintage, this certified organic winery is reforming its single vineyard wine Vigna del Sorbo, eradicating the cabernet sauvignon grape in the blend completely and making pure sangiovese. The ratio of cabernet has been gradually decreasing from 10 percent in the 2010 vintage to five percent in 2011 until it was finally reduced to zero with the winery’s sweeping decision to root out the grape variety completely for future vintages.' - Natalie Wang (James Suckling)

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Founding Year1968
OwnerGiovanni Manetti
OenologistFranco And Marco Bernabei
Annual Production (Btls)400.000
Vineyard Area (Hectare)80
Additional PurchaseNone

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´Vigna del Sorbo´ · Chianti Classico Gran Selezione DOCG 2018, Fontodi, Toskana

Vigna del Sorbo · Chianti Classico Gran Selezione DOCG 2018 (Bio), Fontodi

Fontodi, Tuscany
€ 73,50
98,00 €/L
´Flaccianello della Pieve´ · Colli Toscana Centrale IGT 2019, Fontodi, Toskana

Flaccianello della Pieve · Colli Toscana Centrale IGT 2019 (Bio), Fontodi

Fontodi, Tuscany
€ 139,00
185,33 €/L
´Filetta di Lamole´ · Chianti Classico DOCG 2018, Fontodi, Toskana

Filetta di Lamole · Chianti Classico DOCG 2018 (Bio), Fontodi

Fontodi, Tuscany
€ 27,95 jetzt € 24,99
33,32 €/L
´Flaccianello della Pieve´ · Colli Toscana Centrale IGT 2020, Fontodi, Toskana

Flaccianello della Pieve · Colli Toscana Centrale IGT 2020 (Bio), Fontodi

Fontodi, Tuscany
€ 139,00
185,33 €/L
´Case Via´ · Pinot-Nero Colli Toscana Centrale IGT 2019, Fontodi, Toskana

Case Via · Pinot-Nero Colli Toscana Centrale IGT 2019 (Bio), Fontodi

Fontodi, Tuscany
€ 44,95
59,93 €/L
Chianti Classico DOCG 2021, Fontodi, Toskana

Chianti Classico DOCG 2021 (Bio), Fontodi

Fontodi, Tuscany
€ 27,95
37,27 €/L