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The Vetrere Winery
The 37-hectare Vetrère family winery is one of Puglia's smaller operations, specializing entirely in the production of quality wine and premium olive oil. Unlike many of the colossi of southern Italy, Vetrère's production is a mere 250,000 bottles per year. International grape varieties are almost entirely eschewed in favor of indigenous growths. The farm is located in the middle of what is probably the most fertile area of the Mediterranean and cultivates the autochthonous grape varieties Negroamaro, Primitivo, Verdeca and Fiano Minutolo. In the cellar, the two sisters Annamaria and Francesca Bruni are actively supported by the oenologist Martina Andriani. All Vetrere products are typically regional wines of absolute esteem.

Crazy in name only
The grapes for this outstanding Primitivo wine come from a vineyard of about 2 hectares near Manduria. The two sisters have leased this vineyard to save and preserve it. Because the owner was tired of all the work and wanted to uproot the vines, while the set-aside premium of the EU offered him an additional incentive - according to the opinion of Brussels, there are too many vineyards anyway. However, the two sisters did not want to give up and proved their skill and ability. Today, the vineyard's rare vines, over 60 years old, produce the precious grape material for Barone Pazzo. This wine provides proof that Primitivo is one of the most important grape varieties in Puglia. For the curious name of the wine (pazzo = crazy), by the way, there is a little story, told by Annamaria Bruni:

"As children, my sister and I were fascinated by an old ruined fortress that was on our land. It was pure wilderness. Birds of prey nested between the walls. It was dangerous to approach them. When we asked the peasants from the neighborhood who was the owner of the ruins that seemed to us like a castle, they said: 'the Barone Pazzo'. With that they wanted to keep us away from the place." - Annamaria Bruni

Barone Pazzo - A Great Primitivo
Ideal for Barone Pazzo is a very bulbous glass with a tapered opening. The wine has many aromas, which only fully develop through contact with air. The narrower opening concentrates the bouquet and directs it specifically to the nose. Once poured, the magnificent, almost impenetrable ruby red with its violet reflections is a feast for the eyes. It follows a full and very broad aromatic bouquet that first recalls sour cherries and wild berries. This is followed by mild spicy notes of cocoa and mint. In the finish, notes of sour cherry are again perceived. This impression of fresh mint aromas continues on the palate, where the vegetal notes are even more evident. The wine is particularly pleasing for its great harmony, its softness as well as its long finish. Certainly, even a well-made quality Zinfadel could resemble this wine like one drop of water to another. However, Barone Pazzo is the one with more charisma, due to its history and making. The unusual name further emphasizes the personality of this wine, which is guaranteed not to get lost in the mass of labels.

Fiano Minutolo
For some time now, Vetrere has also specialized in the native grape variety Fiano Minutolo, which should not be confused with the Fiano from Campania. It is an autochthonous grape variety of Puglia that produces delicate and at the same time aromatic white wines. Martina Andriani, the young cellar master at Vetrere, vinifies several varieties of this white wine, two cuvées (Finis and Laureato), a single varietal Fiano Minutolo (Cré) and an Orangewine called Minú, which is also the first Orangewine of Puglia. - Gerardo [TS12/22]

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Founding Year2002
OwnerAnnamaria & Francesca Bruni
OenologistMartina Andriani
Annual Production (Btls)250.000
Vineyard Area (Hectare)37
Additional PurchaseNo
CultivationConventional & Organic
Grape VarietiesPrimitivo, Negroamaro, Fiano Minutolo, Malvasia Nera
Family-run / Small WineryYes

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´Lago della Pergola´ · Negroamaro IGT 2019, Vetrère, Apulien

Lago della Pergola · Negroamaro IGT 2019, Vetrère

Vetrère, Puglia
€ 16,95
22,60 €/L
Passito Rosso IGP 2020, Vetrère, Apulien

Passito Rosso IGP 2020, Vetrère

Vetrère, Puglia
€ 19,95
39,90 €/L
´Taranta´ · Salento Rosato IGT 2022, Vetrère, Apulien

Taranta · Salento Rosato IGT 2022 (Bio), Vetrère

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14,00 €/L
´Kemelios´ · Salento Rosso IGT 2015, Vetrère, Apulien

Kemelios · Salento Rosso IGT 2015, Vetrère

Vetrère, Puglia
€ 29,95
39,93 €/L
´Livruni´ · Primitivo IGT 2022, Vetrère, Apulien

Livruni · Primitivo IGT 2022, Vetrère

Vetrère, Puglia
€ 10,50
14,00 €/L
´Tempio di Giano´ · Negroamaro IGT 2021, Vetrère, Apulien

Tempio di Giano · Negroamaro IGT 2021, Vetrère

Vetrère, Puglia
€ 10,25
13,67 €/L