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Poggio Capponi | Toskana Poggio Capponi | Toskana

Poggio Capponi | Toskana

The first records of the Fattoria Poggio Capponi date back to the late 14th century against the backdrop of Florence during the Renaissance, ruled by the Medici family and Lorenzo the Magnificent, who gave an extraordinary boost to the art and culture of the time. These were the years when the Florentine capital hosted the workshops of great artists such as Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci and Sandro Botticelli.

It was during this period that the Capponi family, one of the most influential in Florence, built the Fattoria about 25 kilometers from Florence in a hilly area overlooking the gentle slopes of Chianti, hence the name Poggio Capponi. The estate has two beautiful sides: it is suitable both for agriculture and for vacations. The cultivation of vines, olive trees and wheat developed. And it was here that the farmers settled, who for generations continued to work in the fields.

Still at the end of the 18th century we find traces of the farm in a document (the Cabreo) that lists the properties and all the credits of the Marchesi Capponi. Finally, in the last century, the productive activities of the territory asserted themselves and continue intensely until today. Thus, for more than five hundred years, Fattoria Poggio Capponi has looked out from the top of its promontory over the hills, woods, vineyards and olive groves, offering one of the most beautiful views in the region. - Gerardo [TS08/22]

"The Fattoria Poggio Capponi has been around since the 15th century. It is set in a picturesque landscape of cypresses and cornfields - so beautiful that the Taviani brothers once chose it as the backdrop for their film 'The Night of San Lorenzo'." - Gambero Rosso

Chianti DOCG 2021, Poggio Capponi, Toskana

Chianti DOCG 2021

Poggio Capponi, Tuscany

This Chianti comes from the hills of Montespertoli, about 20 km west of Florence. Visually, it can be recognized by its appealing bright ruby color. On the nose aromas of cherry and spices such as pepper, a rich flavor and a pleasant drinkability. This Chianti is an excellent companion to strong, everyday dishes.

Compared to some other Chianti, the Chianti from Montespertoli is characterized by fruitiness, velvety and round smoothness. - Gerardo [TS08/22]

"Radiant ruby with cherry red rim. In the fragrance of fresh herbs, sea buckthorn, dried rose petals, also some blood orange. Hits the palate with verve, juicy acidity and tightly woven tannin, dense in the course, shows precise and with good length in the finish." - Falstaff

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Chianti Riserva DOCG 2020, Poggio Capponi, Toskana

Chianti Riserva DOCG 2020

Poggio Capponi, Tuscany

This Chianti Riserva, made mainly from Sangiovese, is partially aged in French oak barrels. The color is an intense ruby red, while the aroma is reminiscent of berries and spices such as cinnamon. The taste is seductive, enveloping and long-lasting. - Gerardo [TS08/21]

"Sparkling ruby with a slightly lightening edge. Rich heart cherries on the nose and notes of red currant, then some cardamom and after cocoa bean. Juicy on the attack, delicate wild berry fruit is well embedded in a fine-boned tannin dress, hearty on the drink, with a medium-long finish." - Falstaff

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´Petriccio´ · Chianti Montespertoli Riserva DOCG 2019, Poggio Capponi, Toskana

Petriccio · Chianti Montespertoli Riserva DOCG 2019

Poggio Capponi, Tuscany

This Chianti comes from Montespertoli: the color is an intense ruby red and smells of red and black fruits such as cherry and plum; the palate is tasty and juicy with a pleasant finish. It is partially aged in French and American oak barrels. Petriccio is an excellent companion to fine dishes. - Gerardo [TS08/20]

"Shimmering ruby red with cherry red edges. At the beginning of sealing wax, then intense aroma of ripe plums and beetroot, spicy, anise and cloves. On the palate of ripe blackberries, pointed acidity, lots of wide-meshed tannin, great tension, a bit consuming on the finish." - Falstaff

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´Tinorso´ · Rosso Toscana IGT 2018, Poggio Capponi, Toskana
Tinorso · Rosso Toscana IGT 2018

Poggio Capponi, Tuscany

Tinorso is an excellent super Tuscan composed of 70% Sangiovese and 30% Merlot: Deep ruby red, aromas of spices, cocoa, tobacco, licorice, vanilla and red fruits. A structured, elegant wine with good body, persistent finish. - Gerardo [TS08/19]

"Deep dark garnet. Very dark berry nose, resinous-spicy, of cranberry jam, lush Amarena cherries, wild berries, distinct woody tone, tar and graphite in the finish. Opens on the palate with notes of ripe berry fruit, compact and with clear spice, grippy and delicately drying, with plenty of pressure, long finish." - Falstaff

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Vin Santo del Chianti DOCG 2014, Poggio Capponi, Toskana
Vin Santo del Chianti DOCG 2014

Poggio Capponi, Tuscany

Vin Santo is the expression of the typical Tuscan dessert wine. The grapes Trebbiano, Malvasia and San Colombano are selected in the field and harvested late. After a drying period, the must is fermented for at least 4 years in small oak, cherry and chestnut barrels. Then the wine is bottled and aged in horizontal bottles for about 6 months. Vin Santo is a wine that can be drunk with desserts, cheese or with conversation. - Gerardo [TS08/15]

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