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Pinot Bianco: a fine wine from Italy
Italy, the land of diverse wines, has a special pearl in its range - Pinot Bianco. This grape variety is becoming increasingly popular and is particularly successful in growing regions such as South Tyrol and Friuli. Pinot Blanc, also known as Weißburgunder in other countries, belongs to the Burgundy family. It is characterized by its elegance and sophistication, which makes it a valued companion for many occasions.

South Tyrol: high altitudes and alpine climate
South Tyrol, located in northern Italy, is a dreamland for Pinot Blanc lovers. The vineyards are located at impressive altitudes, where the alpine climate gives the wine a unique freshness and minerality. The cool nights and warm days are ideal for the slow ripening of the grapes. This results in Pinot Blanc wines that delight with their lively acidity, fine fruit and harmonious taste.

Friuli: terroir and tradition
Friuli, in the north-east of Italy, is another outstanding growing region for Pinot Blanc. The winegrowing tradition here dates back to Roman times. The diversity of the soils and the terroir characterize the wines in a special way. Pinot Blanc wines from Friuli are often characterized by intense aromas, a wonderful minerality and an elegant structure.

A delight for the palate and senses
Pinot Blanc wines from South Tyrol and Friuli are true delights. They are an excellent accompaniment to a wide range of dishes, from seafood to creamy cheeses. These wines are characterized by their high quality and the winemakers' craftsmanship. They are a wonderful accompaniment for special occasions and are an invitation to discover and enjoy.

Pinot Blancs from Italy are a true taste experience and impressively demonstrate how the different growing regions can shape the character of a wine. Whether from South Tyrol or Friuli, a glass of Pinot Blanc is always an expression of elegance and the Italian art of winemaking. - Gerardo [TS11/23]

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´Quintessenz´ · Weißburgunder DOC 2018, Kellerei Kaltern, Südtirol

Quintessenz · Weißburgunder DOC 2018, Kellerei Kaltern

Kellerei Kaltern, South Tyrol
€ 22,50
30,00 €/L
´Moriz´ · Pinot-Bianco DOC 2022, Kellerei Tramin, Südtirol

Moriz · Pinot-Bianco DOC 2022, Kellerei Tramin

Kellerei Tramin, South Tyrol
€ 14,95
19,93 €/L
´Flora´ · Weißburgunder Riserva DOC 2021, Kellerei Girlan, Südtirol

Flora · Weißburgunder Riserva DOC 2021, Kellerei Girlan

Kellerei Girlan, South Tyrol
€ 25,95
34,60 €/L
´Abtei´ · Weißburgunder Riserva DOC 2020, Muri Gries, Südtirol

Abtei · Weißburgunder Riserva DOC 2020, Muri Gries

Muri Gries, South Tyrol
€ 26,95
35,93 €/L
´Hofstatt´ · Weißburgunder DOC 2022, Kellerei Kurtatsch, Südtirol

Hofstatt · Weißburgunder DOC 2022, Kellerei Kurtatsch

Kellerei Kurtatsch, South Tyrol
€ 15,95
21,27 €/L
´Amos´ · Südtirol Weiß DOC 2022, Kellerei Kurtatsch, Südtirol

Amos · Südtirol Weiß DOC 2022, Kellerei Kurtatsch

Kellerei Kurtatsch, South Tyrol
€ 26,95
35,93 €/L