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Sirmian 50 anni · Weißburgunder DOC 2021

Nals-Margreid, South Tyrol
´Sirmian 50 anni´ · Weißburgunder DOC 2021, Nals-Margreid, South Tyrol
Sirmian is the most famous white wine from Nals Margreid and one of the most famous Pinot Blancs in South Tyrol: the Pinot Bianco grapes grow on soil rich in primary rock, which gives the wine an extraordinary saltiness, fullness and racy acidity. On the nose, apple and citrus, to ripe pineapple. The palate is elegant, fresh and lively until the reverberation. - Gerardo [TS06/22]

"Bright, sparkling straw yellow with green notes. Very fragrant and open nose, of hawthorn, fresh apple and some nectarine. Juicy and clear on the palate, opens with lots of present fruit, round, spans a wide arc, mineral depth, long finish." - Falstaff

'Pinot Blanc Sirmian is intense and complex, explosive on the palate, where it unfolds a structure of great fullness and power." - Gambero Rosso

'Sirmian is a beautiful Pinot Bianco that really shows true varietal characteristics. The subdued delivers pear, stone fruit and crushed mineral. The mouth feel is creamy, rich and ends with waxy flavors of lemon and Golden Delicious apple." - Wine Enthusiast

"Firm, slightly smoky nose with dried vegetal and yellow fruity aromas, nutty tones, fine cabbage, mineral tones and a hint of tobacco. Ripe, quite juicy, warm, tightly knit fruit, nutty, smoky and a little yellow-spicy aromas, also a hint of pepper and juniper, fine acidity, grip of crumbly tannin, herbal aromas reminiscent of marjoram, persistent on the palate, has substance and a certain depth, noticeable alcoholic strength, gains tension and precision with air, clear, light minerality, some nut butter, very good, dense finish with bite." - Wein-Plus.eu

The vintage shown in the product title text is binding.

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Content information
Product name´Sirmian 50 anni´ · Weißburgunder DOC 2021, Nals-Margreid, South Tyrol
OriginSouth Tyrol / Bozen / Italy
ProducerKellerei Nals-Margreid Gen., Heiligenbergweg 2, IT-39010 Nals (BZ)
Alcohol14 % Vol.
Grape Variety100% weißburgunder (Pinot-Bianco)
AgingEdelstahltank, Eichenholzfass
Storage potential2029+
Serving temperature9-11 ° C.
Closure TypeKorken
Product typeDry Whitewine
Contents0,75-L Bottle
Additives subject to declaration / AllergensContains sulfites

Food information
100 ml contain on average
Contains minor amounts of fat, saturated fat, protein and salt
Caloric value...
thereof Sugar...
List of ingredients...
· according to EU regulation 2021/2117 as of 8.12.2023

NameNals Margreid
RegionSouth Tyrol
Founding Year1932
OwnerCooperative Property
OenologistHarald Schraffl
Annual Production (Btls)900.000
Vineyard Area (Hectare)150
Additional PurchaseNo
Grape VarietiesPinot Blanc, Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio, Sauvignon, Gewürztraminer, Müller-Thurgau, Gold Muscat, Vernatsch, Lagrein, Merlot, Cabernet, Riesling, Kerner

Gambero Rosso3/3
Luca Maroni90/100
Wine Enthusiast90/100
Le Guide De L'espresso3/5
I Vini Di Veronelli2/3
· researched the best awards, these may concern another vintage

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Additional Information
VintageThe vintage shown in the product title text is binding.

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