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Blog: Nals Margreid | South Tyrol

The Nals-Margreid cooperative was founded in 1932 in Nals and emerged from the private Heiligenberg estate. In 1985 it merged with the 1954 cooperative in the Cabernet mecca of Margreid, while it has only a small winery in Entiklar near Kurtatsch. So much for the complex name of this winery. The focus of the work is, of course, on the wines typical of the area: In Nals, these are Vernatsch and Pinot Blanc, which becomes particularly racy at the high altitudes of Sirmian, while the full-bodied red wines come primarily from the sites around Margreid. Cellar master Harald Schraffl lets the growths from the top line 'von Menz-Baron Salvadori' mature for a particularly long time in the barrel and in the bottle, so that they are always velvety-round and ready to drink, but also still storable on the market. Nals also devotes a lot of love to Vernatsch and shows with the selection wine Galea that a growth from this vine can definitely show expression and character.

138 winegrowers cultivate the high-quality grapes of the Nals Margreid Winery on around 160 hectares of vineyards. People who place quality above all else, with a high degree of environmental awareness, ensure that the grape varieties flourish into those wonderful grapes from which the best sides are coaxed every year. Together they can present the character of the grape varieties and the region in perfect form to the connoisseur. Together, tradition is not only cultivated here, but lived and constantly developed.

The winery building, renovated in 2011, is as much an expression of the terroir as the first-class wines it produces. In the unique combination of the historical building fabric with the high demands of modern wine pressing, a building complex has been created that expresses everything that Nals-Margreid stands for. With the help of gravity, the wines are born here as gently as possible. In the timeless cellars, the development from grape to wine thus finds its natural continuation and completion without unnecessary detours.

In South Tyrol, Italy's northernmost wine-growing region, viticulture has been rooted for millennia. Nals-Margreid is an important part of this and has been carrying on this culture and tradition in its present form since 1932. The vineyards extend from Nals, between Bolzano and Merano, the northernmost point of the vineyards, to Margreid in the southern part of the lowlands. Thus, the winery cooperative has a considerable variety of terroirs and sites. - Gerardo [TS06/22]

"The new Nals Margreid winery, signed by architect Markus Scherer, is the symbol of healthy ambition with which Gottfried Pollinger manages this business. Thanks also to the skills of cellar master Harald Schraffl, the style of the winery is more precise year after year and tied to the terroir, offspring of the commitment in which no effort has been spared and the difficult path of hard work and respect has been followed. This forward-looking strategy aims to consolidate an important position that this winery has been able to acquire so far in the South Tyrolean wine panorama." - Gambero Rosso

"Between the towns of Nals and Margreid lies most of the South Tyrolean winegrowing area. The winery, based in Nals, has members all along the South Tyrolean Wine Route, in a total of eleven areas. From the lowest plants near Margreid in the south at 250 meters to a remarkable 900 meters near Nals, the altitudes of the vineyards range. ... On about 150 hectares, quality-oriented winegrowers cultivate the high-quality grapes for the Nals Margreid winery. The ambitious young cellar master Harald Schraffl spends several months a year outdoors himself with 'his' winegrowers to monitor the necessary work steps and to intervene in an advisory capacity. as carefully as possible and with as much modern technology as necessary, Harald Schraffl accompanies the wine from the grapes to the bottle." - Falstaff

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NameNals Margreid
CategorySouth Tyrol
Founding Year1932
OwnerCooperative Property
OenologistHarald Schraffl
Annual Production (Btls)900.000
Vineyard Area (Hectare)150
Additional PurchaseNo
Grape VarietiesPinot Blanc, Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio, Sauvignon, Gewürztraminer, Müller-Thurgau, Gold Muscat, Vernatsch, Lagrein, Merlot, Cabernet, Riesling, Kerner

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´Stein´ · Sauvignon DOC 2023, Nals-Margreid, Südtirol

Stein · Sauvignon DOC 2023, Nals-Margreid

Nals-Margreid, South Tyrol
€ 13,95
18,60 €/L
´Hill´ · Pinot-Grigio DOC 2023, Nals-Margreid, Südtirol

Hill · Pinot-Grigio DOC 2023, Nals-Margreid

Nals-Margreid, South Tyrol
€ 12,95
17,27 €/L
´Galea´ · Vernatsch DOC 2022, Nals-Margreid, Südtirol

Galea · Vernatsch DOC 2022, Nals-Margreid

Nals-Margreid, South Tyrol
€ 13,95
18,60 €/L
´Penon´ · Weißburgunder DOC 2022, Nals-Margreid, Südtirol

Penon · Weißburgunder DOC 2022, Nals-Margreid

Nals-Margreid, South Tyrol
€ 14,95
19,93 €/L
´Nama´ · Chardonnay DOC 2020 (1er Geschenkbox), Nals-Margreid, Südtirol

Nama · Chardonnay DOC 2020 (1er Geschenkbox), Nals-Margreid

Nals-Margreid, South Tyrol
€ 145,00
193,33 €/L
´Rieser´ · St. Magdalener DOC 2023, Nals-Margreid, Südtirol

Rieser · St. Magdalener DOC 2023, Nals-Margreid

Nals-Margreid, South Tyrol
€ 11,95
15,93 €/L