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Polvanera | Puglia Polvanera | Puglia

Polvanera | Puglia

The Polvanera winery was founded in 2003 by Filippo Cassano - whose family history has always been closely linked to agriculture. Polvanera - black dust - is an ambitious project born from the idea of polishing up the image of the DOC Gioia del Colle. The winery is located in a historic farmhouse in the area near Marchesana, surrounded by the cultivated land of the Gioia del Colle zone, from whose dark brown soil the name of the winery derives. The farm, as well as the vineyards that belong to it, date back in part to 1860 and contain a highly valuable stocking of historic Primitivo vines, some of which are up to 60 years old. Polvanera specializes in Primitivo, and also cultivates Aglianico, Aleatico, Fiano minutolo, Falanghina and Moscato bianco. Together, these grape varieties form the raw material for a wide range of high quality wines. - Gerardo

"Filippo Cassano needed only a few years, then his creation, the winery Polvanera, was a household name in the wine world. So was the DOC and the place of origin, Gioia del Colle. Filippo is a modest man who always treats his guests with refined courtesy. He combines his simple, human manners with an unbeatable agronomic and oenological talent. The vineyards surrounding the winery are 350 meters high. Ten years ago, the vines, raised with cone pruning on cordons, were planted in a thin layer of soil with lean, skeletal limestone soil. The grapes for the farm's top wines, on the other hand, are taken from three 60-year-old Alberello vineyards in the acquaviva area, a zone swept by sea winds and home to many olive and almond trees." - Slow Wine

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Rosato Puglia IGT 2019, Cantine Polvanera, Apulien

Rosato Puglia IGT 2019 (Bio)

Cantine Polvanera, Puglia

Fine, Apulian Rosato with hints of raspberry, strawberry and cherries. A fresh and fruity rose wine, ideal with summer dishes such as salad, grilled poultry dishes and salmon. - Gerardo

"Delightful to drink not least because of its light tannin envelope the floreal Rosato." - Slow Wine

"Bright, brightening pink color with cherry-pink reflections. On the nose of ripe strawberries and ripe cherries, carried by a slightly floral tone. Juicy and fresh on the palate, showing crisp acidity and clear fruit, nice tension from A to Z." - Falstaff

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Primitivo IGT 2019, Cantine Polvanera, Apulien

Primitivo IGT 2019 (Bio)

Cantine Polvanera, Puglia

The characteristic, fruit-driven style also reigns in the base Primitivo of the house: the color is an intense ruby red with violet hues. The bouquet is reminiscent of ripe cherries, blackberries and wild mint. The palate is full-bodied with velvety tannins. - Gerardo

"Dark transparent ruby red with slightly lightening rim. Fragrant nose of lush plums, dried apricot, strawberry. On the palate nicely fresh with pleasant juice, enjoys dancing acidity, harmonious in itself, medium body, medium length." - Falstaff

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Puglia Bianco Minutolo IGT 2020, Cantine Polvanera, Apulien

Puglia Bianco Minutolo IGT 2020

Cantine Polvanera, Puglia

Pure varietal Fiano Minutolo (Puglia Fiano) of delicate straw yellow color. Intense and aromatic on the nose of bergamot, banana, peach and chamomile. On the palate finely spicy and of good structure. Typical is the pronounced and aromatic bouquet, followed by the dry taste characterized by bittergout. - Gerardo

"The nose is very clean, fine with very aromatic notes of white peach, aromatic herbs and elderberry. A nice confirmation on the palate, pleasant, fresh and fluid." - Daniele Cernilli (Doctor Wine)

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Aglianico IGT 2018, Cantine Polvanera, Apulien
Aglianico IGT 2018 (Bio)

Cantine Polvanera, Puglia

Rich, purplish red color with ruby reflections. Dense and elegant nose of black cherries, plums and licorice. In the drink crisp and tart, with spicy freshness. Remarkable finish. 100% Aglianico. - Gerardo

"A successful debut we attest to the fragrant Aglianico with fleshy body and the acidity to match." - Slow Wine

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´14´ · Primitivo Gioia del Colle DOC 2019, Cantine Polvanera, Apulien
14 · Primitivo Gioia del Colle DOC 2019 (Bio)

Cantine Polvanera, Puglia

Medium-bodied ruby color with garnet inclusions. Aroma of cherries and prunes with hints of tobacco and licorice. Full-bodied on the palate, balanced and of velvety tannins and juicy freshness. As with all Polvanera wines, the name is representative of the alcohol content. - Gerardo

"Intense, bright ruby red with sparkling core. Fragrant and open nose of fresh plums, cherries, reverberating lightly with dried figs. On the palate juicy and soft, pleasantly dancing on the tongue, medium body with a fruity center, harmonious in itself, medium length." - Falstaff

"Very dark color. Very typical in the nose with aromas of sour cherries, kirsch and cocoa. The palate is really powerful and complex, but it surprises with its unique grace with a finish of great length." - Daniele Cernilli (Doctor Wine)

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´15´ · Primitivo Gioia del Colle IGT 2021, Cantine Polvanera, Apulien
15 · Primitivo Gioia del Colle IGT 2021 (Bio)

Cantine Polvanera, Puglia

The color of Primitivo 15 is a deep ruby red with purple reflections. The aroma is of cherries, plums and wild blackberries. Full-bodied and soft on the palate, persistent in flavor. This naturally produced Primitivo comes without the addition of sulfites. - Gerardo

Certified organic product.

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´21´ · Primitivo Dolce IGT 2019, Cantine Polvanera, Apulien
21 · Primitivo Dolce IGT 2019 (Bio)

Cantine Polvanera, Puglia

The sweet wine Primitivo '21' from Polvanera turns out to be a real taste bomb: deep, purple color, fine scent of blackberries and cherries. The bouquet also mixes impressions of carob, thyme and wild mint. On the palate lush, from flattering tannins and supported by a lively acidity. The long-lasting finish is also remarkable. - Gerardo

Certified organic product.

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´16´ · Primitivo Gioia del Colle DOC 2017, Cantine Polvanera, Apulien
16 · Primitivo Gioia del Colle DOC 2017 (Bio)

Cantine Polvanera, Puglia

Deep, ruby color with garnet inclusions. Aroma of mulberries and black cherries, with shades of herbs, licorice and graphite in the background. Fresh and juicy on the palate, of fine-grained tannin. The long finish resembles a wonderful echo. - Gerardo

"Delicious its olfactory impressions of fresh herbs, citrus and red fruits, followed by a sparkling clean palate that proclaims its enveloping, savory freshness with captivating length." - Gambero Rosso

"Sparkling, rich ruby, bright and intense. Slightly mineral notes at first, but then lots of dark fruit, blueberry and dark cherry, but without overripeness. Has a lot of sweet melt in the attack and course, dense, pithy tannin, juicy, builds in many layers, after pickled raspberries and blackberries, at the same time also fresh." - Falstaff

"The color is reminiscent of tar. On the nose strong hints of plum, spices, coffee and licorice. The palate is lively, powerful, juicy, typically sweet with a powerful and very long finish." - Daniele Cernilli (Doctor Wine)

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´17´ · Primitivo Gioia del Colle DOC 2017, Cantine Polvanera, Apulien
17 · Primitivo Gioia del Colle DOC 2017 (Bio)

Cantine Polvanera, Puglia

Powerful, the single varietal Primitivo 17 from vineyards near Gioia del Colle: its color is a dense purple red with ruby inclusions and great depth. The bouquet announces wild berries and subtle floral notes, ending on licorice and graphite. The palate of impressive fruit and soft tannin, infused with a vibrant vein of acidity. The never-ending finish enraptures. - Gerardo

"By a minimal margin, 17 follows in second place as a rich and full-bodied drop with a complex nature and beguiling spice that is accompanied by unmistakable allusions to Mediterranean macchia and plums." - Gambero Rosso

"Rich ruby with a slight garnet sheen. Very rich fruit nose, surprisingly fresh and clear, of raspberry, dark cherries, some anchovy in the background. The wine presents itself round and balanced on the palate, present, fine-grained tannin, very much present fruit, juicy and fresh - and that despite 17°!" - Falstaff

Certified organic product.

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Polvanera | Puglia | Buy at Gerardo

In the deep south of Italy, in Apulia, the area around the city of Bari called Gioia del Colle has always been considered the home of the grape variety Primitivo. This grape variety, about the origin of which there are still numerous theories, opinions and speculations, was used in the past almost exclusively as a blending partner for Cuvees. Nowadays, wineries increasingly recognize the beauty and importance of Primitivo and grow the grape variety single-varietal.

The young winery Polvanera was founded in 2003 by Filippo Cassano, who followed a long family tradition in agriculture. In doing so, Filippo pursued a unique project with the stated goal of raising the profile of the Primitivo grape and other indigenous grape varieties of the area. The acquisition of an old farm in the rural area of Marchesana laid the foundation for the production of quality wines. Marchesana is located in the immediate vicinity of the Gioia del Colle zone, where some young and some ancient vineyards are planted with precious Primitivo vines. Some of these historic vineyards were planted as early as 1860 and the trunks of some vines are more reminiscent of trees than vines. This is another reason why people in the area often speak of grapevine trees rather than vines, all of which, incidentally, are trained according to the Alberello system. After a while, the surrounding winegrowers were also convinced of Filippo's work and bequeathed Polvanera additional vineyards, some of them historic, of high quality.

The Polvanera winery currently has a total area of 100 hectares, 70 of which are planted with vines. About 70 percent of the area is occupied by Primitivo, while the remaining 30 percent is planted with Aleatico, Aglianico, Fiano Minutolo, Falanghina and Moscato. In addition to the juvenile vines, there are specifically old and historic vines of at least 40 years - some even older - up to 65 years. The old stocks are kept in the alberello pruning (shape of small trees), which gives a low yield, but compensates with phenomenal extract. The yields of these vines are decidedly low, about 500 grams of grapes per vine. As a result, the grapes are of very high quality, producing wines of intense color, complexity and body.

The name Polvanera - black dust - derives from the dark color of the arable soils of the surrounding areas. On the winery there is a modern cellar for winemaking, as well as a rustic but still very elegant tasting room. The spacious wine cellar is a special feature: it was carved into the natural rock with a depth of eight meters. The karst rock, with its constant temperature and humidity throughout the year, is one of the hallmarks of Polvanera products. It is this special place which makes the wines resting and maturing there so unique, eventually earning them the DOC status 'Primitivo Gioia del Colle' as a controlled designation of origin.

Filippo Cassano - a winemaker with a long family tradition - has managed to stay true to his appealing style, concentrating the authentic flavor of the grapes. The historical vineyards, from which the best grapes are obtained, along with modern cellar technology, lay the foundation for this. This synthesis between tradition and innovation allows wines that clearly reflect the terroir. Wines full of elegance, exceptional freshness and minerality. The grape harvest usually begins in the second week of September, depending on the season. The grapes are harvested exclusively by hand. Modern cellar technology, gentle pressing methods and winemaking systems combined with the oenological expertise of Filippo Cassano and his partners are used to produce products of the highest quality. Polvanera offers not only excellent Primitivo wines but also a range of fine white wines made from Fiano minutolo and Moscato. But Cassano's red Aglianico, Aleatico Rosato as well as fortified wines also delight. - Gerardo

"Five hectares of land with 60-year-old vines in alberello upbringing owns this farm, one of the largest in the area. Stylistically distinctive, all Polvanera labels revealed on the one hand a pronounced structure and power - also fueled by alcohol - while on the other hand they spread fresh sweetness, underlining the Mediterranean flair of their growing area." - Gambero Rosso