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Pecorino | Grape variety

Pecorino | Grape variety

Admittedly, whoever hears the name 'Pecorino" - first thinks of the well-known Italian sheep's cheese. Less well known, however, is that there is also a white grape variety called Pecorino. This is grown mainly in the Marche, Abruzzo and occasionally in Lazio and Umbria. Except for the name, however, the variety has nothing in common with sheep cheese.

For the origin of the name there are various theories and stories: Some farmers of the Marche claim that sheep eat the Pecorino grapes with special preference. Others explain to us during our last visit to the site that the berries of Pecorino are sometimes as small as sheep droppings and therefore have a certain resemblance. So far, some winemakers have cultivated and vinified this grape variety on its own with great success. The results based on the recultivated grape variety are now more than respectable, they reach a high level. - Gerardo

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´Collemura´ Falerio Pecorino DOP 2021, Simone Capecci, Marken

Collemura Falerio Pecorino DOP 2021

Simone Capecci, Marche

Falerio Pecorino Collemura sees itself as an interesting alternative to Simone Capecci's famous 'Ciprea': the color is a light lemon yellow with isolated greenish reflections. The aroma is characterized by impressions of exotic fruits such as acacia and jasmine flowers. Finely textured on the palate with balanced acidity. 100% Pecorino. - Gerardo [TS06/22]

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´Fonte Cupa´ Pecorino Colli Aprutini IGT 2021, Camillo Montori, Abruzzen

Fonte Cupa Pecorino Colli Aprutini IGT 2021

Camillo Montori, Abruzzo

The native mountain grape variety Pecorino gives rise to this unique white wine: fresh, straw-yellow color in the glass. The bouquet is floral and reminiscent of hawthorn and some banana. Balanced on the palate, with a subtle minerality and well-integrated acidity. - Gerardo

"Simply one of the best of the region is the Pecorino. It is necessary to know that Camillo Montori was the first to believe in the value of this autochthonous vine in this production zone. It imparts the characteristic, nervy bouquet; taste-wise, the result is a pleasing, but by no means banal white." - Gambero Rosso

   0,75-L 14 % Vol.  contains Sulfites  plus ShippingPrice incl. VAT (DE) Stock 24

 € 11,95 15,93 €/L

´Ciprea´ Offida Pecorino DOC 2020, Simone Capecci, Marken

Ciprea Offida Pecorino DOC 2020

Simone Capecci, Marche

Ciprea is the result of years of research and breeding of the local Pecorino variety: the delicate aromas are reminiscent of exotic fruits such as banana and pineapple. On the palate, it is excellently structured and supported by fine acidity. Simone Capecci's Ciprea sits longer on the fine lees and then matures in bottle for further refinement. A well-structured white wine with aging potential. 100% Pecorino. - Gerardo [TS06/21]

"Its olfactory secrets of yellow-fleshed peaches, anise notes and citrus tones seep through to the palate of exceptional aromatic intensity and tremendous spice in the finish." - Gambero Rosso

   0,75-L 13 % Vol.  contains Sulfites  plus ShippingPrice incl. VAT (DE) in stock

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´Mvria´ Offida Pecorino DOC 2016, Simone Capecci, Marken
Mvria Offida Pecorino DOC 2016

Simone Capecci, Marche

The Pecorino Mvria shows a straw yellow color with light golden reflections and varied brilliance. This Pecorino really lies in the glass and moves slowly, a sign of high consistency. The intense bouquet is very aromatic, mixing notes of herbs with a fruity touch of yellow fruit sage and ripe jujube. The palate is powerful and very pleasant, soft velvety and at the same time powerful. Persistent the finish. - Gerardo [TS06/17]

   0,75-L 13 % Vol.  contains Sulfites  plus ShippingPrice incl. VAT (DE) in stock

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