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Laureato Salento Bianco IGP 2020

Vetrère, Puglia

´Laureato´ Salento Bianco IGP 2020, Vetrère, Puglia
Laureato is a complex cuvee of Chardonnay and Minutolo: on the nose of raisins, dried fruit and white pepper. The palate is superbly structured, enveloping, of great length. Thanks to the Chardonnay component, a mild, slightly buttery white wine which gains even more from the fruit and spicy notes of the Fiano Minutolo. - Gerardo

"A sweet vein emerges in the Susine and white pepper-scented Laureato, but the beautiful fabric and delicious length make it forget..." - Gambero Rosso

0,75-LPrice incl. VAT (DE)  plus Shipping    contains Sulfites 14 % Vol. Stock 17

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´Laureato´ Salento Bianco IGP 2020

Content information
Product name´Laureato´ Salento Bianco IGP 2020, Vetrère, Puglia
OriginPuglia / Taranto / Italy
ProducerAzienda Agricola Vetrere, S.P. Monte lasi Montemesola, Km 16, I-74100 Taranto (TA)
Alcohol14 % Vol.
Grape Variety(ies)70% Chardonnay, 30% Fiano Minutolo
Storage potential2024+
Total acidity5,8 g / Liter
Residual sugar8,0 g / Liter
Serving temperature10-12 ° C.
Product typeDry Whitewine
Contents0,75-L Bottle
Item number2221418346
Additives subject to declaration / AllergensContains sulfites

Awards (possibly other vintage)
Gambero Rosso2 Gläser (von 3)
Luca Maroni90 Punkte (von 100)
Duemilavini4 Trauben (von 5)

Founding Year2002
OwnerAnnamaria & Francesca Bruni
OenologistMartina Andriani
Annual Production250.000
Vineyard Area (Hectare)37
Additional Purchaseno

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