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Pinot-Nero | Grape variety

Pinot-Nero | Grape variety

Pinot-Nero (Pinot Noir) is a type of grape and a style of red wine that can typically be light to medium-bodied, fruit-driven, and relatively low in alcohol compared to other red wines. Originally from Burgundy, the Pinot Noir grape is notoriously difficult to grow. Pinot nero is the most revered red wine in the world. No other grape arouses such emotion and adoration among wine lovers. Festivals are held every year in honor of the varietal, and an entire movie, Sideways, has highlighted the passion of its fans and promoted the varietal's popularity.

Blauburgunder is a light to medium-bodied, dry red wine that is usually fruit-driven. Upon tasting, one is greeted by an earthy, herbal and spicy nose. Aromas of dark cherries, red currants and berries are common, along with notes of mushrooms and earth. You may also taste flavors of vanilla, spice, chocolate, tobacco and oak. Pinot Noir's medium acidity and low to medium tannins make it a particularly balanced red wine. The taste of Pinot-Nero varies depending on climate and producer style. In cooler climates, Pinot Noir is more delicate and digestible. Warmer climates produce riper and more intense Pinot-Nero with higher alcohol content. Some producers age their wines in 100% new oak, resulting in a fuller and more structured wine. - Gerardo

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