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Puglia is the region 'at the heel of the boot'. Surrounded by the sea like no other region in Italy, vines thrive there in a diversity and variety that are unparalleled even in Italy. So it is not surprising that despite the large amount of wine produced in Puglia, wine from Puglia stands out for its excellent quality. More than a dozen DOC wines prove this in an impressive way. From San Severo down to the cape of Santa Maria di Leuca, the vines are still cultivated as the ancestors of the Pugliese did. On low trunks with large vine shoots, protected by the earth, grow the grapes that ripen into exquisite wines under the care of the winegrowers of Puglia. In addition to Primitivo, Aglianico and Negroamaro, Moscato, Aleatico and Malvasia are representative of all the others that the fertile Pugliese countryside offers us. - Gerardo

"Remarkable furthermore the obvious trend towards the Alberello culture, the preservation of old vineyards and low yields per hectare. While only a few years ago just two, three producers had spoken out in favor of this strategy of viticulture, in the meantime the realization seems to increasingly prevail that this very system of education as well as aged vines mean unique selling points of high value for Puglia." - Gambero Rosso

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